Kept Blue - Confessions of a Sexual Masterpiece (2006)

Kept Blue is the one, the only, the multi-talented, Andy Domin of northern Virginia, USA. He is also one half of Your Infamous Harp.

Upbeat, playful electronic music with humorous lyrics. One of the better electronic acts that I've listened to recently. I'm surprised he's not that well known. Get this album.

Similar Artists: Your Infamous Harp, Extortion Labs, Takagi Masakatsu

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  1. Tropolist says:

    What happened to Sammy Davis Junior Junior, impostéur.

  2. He woke me when I was sleeping so I killed his entire family and stole his identity.

  3. bigjseph says:

    a friend showed me this blog
    and i thought i had better show my appreciation for all the music
    so good stuff!

  4. ( ~д~) says:

    yo dude u misspelled "the postal service" in ur tags

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