Boom Boom Satellites - Out Loud

Every song this band has put out since 2002 sounds like the opening theme to a particularly poor anime; they didn't always make pop rock, or even rock for that matter. The Boom Boom Satellites debut Out Loud layers impeccable breaks over that jazzy, trip-hoppy sound only the Satellites could ever really master. Sometimes they remind me of the Crystal Method, sometimes I swear they almost sound like Lamb, but either way this album consistently surprises me.

Kind of Like: The Chemical Brothers remixing Pelican City.


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  1. Solid album. Thanks for the upload.

  2. jc says:

    dude, boom boom satellites rock.


  3. Tropolist says:

    I am working hard on not embarrassing myself. It's really a lot more stressful than it looks. I can feel all your silently judging eyes every time I browse through iTunes.

  4. jc says:


    your hard work just went to waste.

  5. Tropolist says:

    Fuck you. iTunes runs better than anything else I've ever used. People who dis iTunes just don't want to be seen using the dominant product. In a word, they're software hipsters.

  6. jc says:

    winamp > itunes

  7. Anti says:

    Actually, these guys have one of their songs featured as the opening theme to the particularly good anime Xam'd: Lost Memories. But you probably knew that.

  8. koven66 says:

    saw these guys at a japan sxsw showcase back in the 90's and was completely blown away, super nice guys also.
    p.s. as show ended noticed the bearded dude next to me rocking out to the show was Billy Gibbons

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