Takako Minekawa - Roomic Cube (1997)

Takako Minekawa is Cornelius' wife (Google Cornelius). They both make music. They're both from Japan. She composes/writes her own music and then performs/sings all by herself. You could almost say she's the Lady Gaga of Japan but that would be a crude comparison (for many reasons). She's actually done a lot to put herself outside of the popular J-Pop "idol" bubble.

She plays all the instruments, sings about cats and clouds and loves vintage equipment/instruments. If you're a fan of the Moog stuff and Casio keyboards, you'll really like 嶺川貴子.

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  1. Dave says:

    Feeling this... I especially like Never/More

    Thanks for all the posts - I FUCKING LOVE THIS BLOG

  2. stephen says:

    Really like this. Nice one.

  3. awesome! can you get any yozoh?

  4. chek-oot tha "Calamity Cubes" GRRRRrrrREEEAT! Cube BANd...yaaa'meean??please be advised.
    .end of post.

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