Mike Kober - Easy in Russia EP (2008)

Chances are, you've never heard of Mike Kober but I assure you, he's not Russian.

EASY IN RUSSIA could serve as the model album representation of "one who dabbles in bedroom electronics"-type music but, it also has several moments of musical genius scattered about (and those of you who've taken theory will definitely hear it). He's not signed, doesn't have a website, doesn't use twitter, doesn't even have a phone number. You can't get in contact with him and he won't call you back (I'm sure he has a land line).

EASY IN RUSSIA is 21 minutes of carefully manipulated electronic pop music. If I were to draw comparisons, I would have to cite: Josiah Wolf for the indie/lo-fi approach, Jeremiah Jae/Dem Hunger for the audio-stitching/field recording aspect (check track 2: Curtis, for this reference) and Andrew Bird for the musical proficiency. Odd sounds are coalesced with the standard synths/strings we come to expect from most indie/bedroom electronic releases today but everything just feels so natural... nothing seems out of place.

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  1. Ike says:

    This is a really good EP!!! I need more!!! Now!!
    I think it might just be one of my favorites of 2010, even though it came out in 08, ha! :/
    I highly encourage folks to download.

  2. AdamKomar says:

    yes please update the download link

  3. Mike says:
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