Samiyam & Ras G - All City LA#3 (2010)

Third installment of the LA Series drops from All City record label featuring Samiyam and Ras G, two of the most forward-thinking beat heads out there today. The premise is pretty simple: one EP, two artists, dope beats!

"Samiyam gives three subdued, melancholy and heavy as fuck offerings, from the slow tidal lilt of 'Fishsticks' to the barely-bothered 8-bit melody of 'Space'. Very good indeed. Ras G createsg a grainy beat crumble of earthy, organic goodness in the vein of Dilla or Madlib. 'Breakfast Blunts' is the best, giving a headful of slow psychoactivating synthlines and puffy, red eyed beats, while 'Ourtrill' leans back and surveys crushed drum loops from a sunny stoop."

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