Albert Hammond Jr. - Yours To Keep (2006)

I remember back when this album first came out, I had been waiting for months and when it finally dropped (UK only release) I was like "wtf." So I got that version and then a couple months later, the US version dropped with two extra tracks so then I was like "double wtf." Long story short, I own both the US and UK version now. Ha.

But as some of you may know, whenever it was that the Strokes decided a hiatus was good for them, Albert Hammond Jr. was like "fuck you guys, I'm making a solo album." (He's actually made two (including this one) since then.) This seemed to be a common thread because Nikolai, Fabrizio, Nick, Julian--they all also have solo releases; another reason why the Strokes can actually be considered/called a "talented band."

YOURS TO KEEP is very fun, guitar-focused, reminiscent of the Strokes and a fine album to tide us over until the next Strokes/side-project release. Nothing to complain about here.

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  1. Spam says:

    Jesus, this is the 14th album posted today. Can everyone slow the fuck down please. This happened last time new people joined, there were too many albums to keep up with for a while then eventually everyone ran out of things to post and there was less than 1 post a day. Just upload and draft your post and wait until a day were say less than 5 posts have been made before making the post public. More people will listen to each album and more people will comment on them.

  2. i hope the quotes around "talented band" are denoting sarcasm

  3. Anonymous says:

    NOOO! The more posts the better, it lets you pick and choose what you want, and makes you really think about the description given you as opposed to just dling everything put in front of you, 75% of which you're not gonna give a shit about anyway. Also every single Strokes/Strokes related album put out has at least a couple decent tracks on yes they are talented guys who know how to write good pop songs.

  4. . says:

    I don't know about anything else strokes-related except reptilian (rock band lol), but Is This It is shit. I really don't get why people like the strokes.

    anyway, upload whole lots of albums is great and all, but when you get a good consistent album or two a day, without the random drops for weeks on end, it's really awesome. hell, maybe more than that if you want, but consistency is key

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