François Virot - Yes Or No (2008)

I'm kinda pissed I didn't discover this music until just now. François Virot plays a type of folk music laden with warm acoustic melodies, handclaps, and the amenable voice of François when he sings his simple but nonetheless substantial lyrics. This is a really nice album to have, and I recommend getting it. Enjoy.

the date (2008) is missing from the tags, sorry about that. other than that the tags are fine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this actually isnt bad.

  2. edit says:

    regarding the blogspam - it's whatevs. it was obviously temporary. i kind of laughed at the pringles one. anyways, just wanted to say thanks again for being the best blog out there. i know i don't comment with praise enough. i doubt most of the people who visit here do.

  3. Moshi says:

    (Can't comment on the soz post)

    Who the fuck complains about being expose to too much music? What the fuck?

  4. karen c says:

    This is a praise comment. And thank you for this disk. A. LOT.

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