Com Truise - Cyanide Sisters EP (2010)

It's 2010 now but in case you missed the 80s, we've got dozens of ways to remind ourselves of what it was/might have been like. Watch a Julian Casablancas video, go listen to Mark Ronson's latest single, "Bang Bang Bang" or just pay $6 to download Lorn's side project OMEGA CLASH and then perhaps you may get an idea. But only an idea.

These are all reified versions of what has already gone by, modernized representations of thirty years ago. It's everywhere, in: fashion, radio, television, even advertising! But buried beneath all this junk, there sometimes is still hope. A hope that someone who actually knows what the fuck is going on will finally show up (even if it is thirty years too late/but that's the point anyway) and give us some damn goooooood music.

Well, I don't know if this has happened yet but in the interim, Com Truise gives us Cyanide Sisters EP.

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  1. funny just today i was checking out shigeto's soundcloud and saw this guy on his following list and thought "thats a shitty name", hope this shit is good son

  2. DARN1T says:

    Oh its REAL good and I think the name is hilarious.

  3. Chaddley says:

    Oh man... I dig fucking dig this

  4. arcana07 says:

    I've adored the '80s since I was an adolescent in the '90s (dating myself here, sorry) and I find that very few '80s retro artists from the last ten years actually get it right. Com Truise completely gets it right, beyond almost all of his other contemporaries, and he, Cut Copy, and Sally Shapiro are the three most authentic '80s retro artists to come out in the last decade. What I especially like about Com Truise is that he has an authentic appreciation for the era, which shows with his music. Anyone who loves Landscape, Gary Numan, New Order, and The Creatures has GOT to be awesome to listen to.

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