Gustav Mahler - Symphony no. 1 (2004)

One of Mahler's shortest symphonies and a good place to start when getting into Mahler or romantic music in general.  Also, turn your volume up for this. Mahler varies a lot in volume and the First is no exception: if you keep it turned down, you'll miss half the piece.

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  1. ill! says:

    is this a different performance than the 1995 release? my favorite Titan is the CSO Boulez from '99.

  2. The set was "Recorded at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 1992-1995", but I'm not sure when each piece was recorded individually.

    Here's the scan of the booklet if you're interested:

  3. ill! says:

    thanks, good looking out

  4. rufio says:

    For loving music (especially fucking :) ) starting or ending with Mahler is always formidable. Warm thanks for this post and Your blog generally - kind regards from Poland

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