Rolo Tomassi - Hysterics (2008)

Synth driven x-core groups usually piss me off. Groups like Attack Attack, iwrestledabearonce, Horse The Band, etc with more mallcore influence than anything else. Imagine, An Albatross with a female vocalist, and a little more class. Rolo Tomassi blurs the line between spaz and grind very well, while frequenting between electro-jazz-gaze, and chaotic hardcore. Hysterics isn't an album most could pick up and enjoy right off the bat, but after a few listens it grows on you (if you're into that crap).

Thanks, for those of you who stuck with us through that 3 day shit fest. Who else subscribed to sunshineweeaboo's blog?

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  1. i subscribed to it a couple months ago, she doesnt post shit

  2. James A. says:

    The blog looked terrible.

    Hopefully this one comes back with some quality posts.

    If your looking for some new posters I could help.

  3. No. says:

    what's wrong with horse the band

  4. puxel says:

    @No. I liked The Mechanical Hand, and most of A Natural Death, but there's something about Desperate Living that makes it unlistenable.

  5. jc says:

    how can you mention shit like attack attack and iwrestledabearonce along with horse the band? they can actually write and play good music.

    then you compare an albatross to rolo tomassi, jesusfuck dude.

  6. jc says:

    "there's something about Desperate Living that makes it unlistenable."

    complex composition your metalcore ears can't handle.



  7. puxel says:

    you know most metalcore albums i upload are either chaotic, psyopus spazzy, or math metal inspired. but that isn't complex what so ever. :s

    and Nathan Winneke is a shit vocalist.


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