Craft Spells - Various Songs (2010)

note: this is not a full-length album, rather a collection of songs I've managed to find from the internet.

Craft Spells is some dude from California who makes dreamy pop with retro sound effects. He has a purdy voice. He cites his influences as The Beach Boys, The Ronettes, and Ray Noble & His Orchestra. This supposedly (according to contains two tracks from his upcoming album, "Idle Labor." Enjoy.

Come on Sandyyy, they won't see us in the dark & Comment

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  1. UncleDiss says:

    Sounds promising... Thanks for your efforts!

  2. thank you for collecting these radtastic jams. craft spells makes my face hurt.

  3. Dave says:

    Feelin' this - second that - thanks for puttin' this out!

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