The Game - The Documentary (2006)

A modern classic of hip-hop.  This is it.  There is nothing more.

gamers gonna lose~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this sucks

  2. Oh Fucke I Just Lost The Fucking Game.

  3. this album was terrible in 06, why the fuck would it be good now.

  4. ROFL @ ^

    listen to real hip hop then come back to me k kid

  5. ^fgt

    listen to underground hip hop and get back to me, the mainstream has NEVER been good. not even the classics.

  6. LOL i already listen to underground hip hop like aesop rock are you fucking stupid??? seriously rofl once you get 1/4th the hip-hop knowledge i get, maybe then you can argue with me and be taken somewhat seriously

  7. Anonymous says:

    have you ever considered not talking treats

  8. man both of yall are fucking stupid and white as hell

  9. like this conversation is so embarrassing it reminds me of myself so much when i was 16 and dumb as shit

  10. Anonymous says:

    three posts in a row but even still, nobody gives a shit

  11. hey man have u heard sage francis?? he writes raps but none of that hos and guns crap.

  12. rap that black people listen to?? heh no thanks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    trying too hard

  14. i already listen to underground hip hop like aesop rock

    i already listen to underground hip hop like aesop rock

    i already listen to underground hip hop like aesop rock

  15. when da fuck did wflm's audience become a bunch of cracker ass shit stains who think they smart just because they listen to "inteligent" bullshit rap


  16. Anonymous says:

    Christ, you're all faggots.

    I got all da underground hip-hop knowledge!

    You're worse than hipsters.

  17. Weston says:

    Not sure how much more bad music can be posted on this blog before I stop following it...

  18. if that's jellopudding-kun in the picture i'll just stop insulting you, you look like you'd get it enough in your day to day life.

    golden garden gnome: aesop rock? srsly?

    niggeraguan: i loved it when you posted here, your albums kicked ass. your comments make you sound like a spiteful little girl.

  19. Anonymous says:

    how long until this guy realizes nobody reads what he says. it's kind of funny actually lol

  20. uhhh... yes? aesop rock. name ONE more talented rapper that doesn't just talk about cars drugs and sex all the fucking time? real personal problems that you can relate to? i can name a few off the top of my head.. eninem and a few others. lets see you try... or is all you listen to bleeps and bloops? like i said kid, nice try. come back when you're rapped on the underground circuit for nearly 20 years =).

  21. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool to see some classic "golden era" hip hop/underground posted so that the youngans who weren't around back then can hear when hip hop was done right.

    Siah and Yeshua Dapoed
    A Tribe Called Quest
    De La Soul
    The Pharcyde
    L Fudge
    Company Flow

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  23. shut the fuck up boog beats you white fuck you played grand theft auto in your gay little suburban ranch while your mom was fucking the pool boy and you think you have hip hop knowledge? suck a dick nigga

  24. dont bother posting any stones throw classics, they hunt down and delete links almost instantly

    and shut the fuck up carebear fag this aint nuthin but a g thang

  25. Anonymous says:

    Gnome, I was hip hop while you were sucking on your moms tit. Don't get mad because you aren't familiar with the artists I listed.

    Now go back to your Aesop jibberish and quit pretending you know anything.

  26. is ggg seriously defending aesop and calling other people white and suburban, idk who he is or if hes smart enough to just be an excellent troll

  27. i saw aesop with bmsr and daedelus im not sure how much more white you can get

  28. boogbeats, did you not just read my fucking prior comments? i quite blatantly stated that i have been on the underground circuit for upwards to 20 years. you were still in your dads fucking SACK while i was busting fucking rhymes. are you fucking stupid? aesop gibberish? maybe to the typical niggerish KRS-ONE fan but if you new anything about nietzche's works or aesops you'd know that almost half of aesops apply to issues on nihilist dogmas and such. quit acting like you knw shit you fucking fruity ass faggot

  29. ok i guess hes just a dumbass

  30. puxel says:

    >my face when these comments

  31. puxel hidden: come back when you acutlaly post something worthwhile on the blog rather than shitty metalcore 12 year old boys listen to you dumbfuck

  32. post some of your fresh rhymes gnomebro

  33. @golden garden gnome: sixtoo, nickatina, doseone, jel, sole, cage, alias, buck65, eyedea, declaime....

    /acting like a jackass

  34. you guys are phucking GAY and you all just lost THE GAME

  35. Michael says:

    What has happened to WFLM?
    This is sad..

  36. have u heard of anticon its rap for smart people

  37. PHUCK U SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    also, arguing about underground hip-hop is a surefire way to prove that you are an asshole. y'all niggaz got TROLLED

  39. the game i just fell asleep

  40. Moshi says:

    I don't even know what the fuck you're all arguing about but you're making asses out of yourselves.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Did you guys hear about to cat who ate a ball of yarn and gave birth?

    It had mittens.

  42. icastico says:

    That is all.

  43. icastico says:



    Now I am done

  44. Anonymous says:

    sure is backpacker ITT

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