Lorn - Nothing Else (2010)

"Whoa, slow down Ghandi you're killin' em... hailing outta Illinois (the only Brainfeeder artist to have never stepped foot in Lost Angeles) and quoting Satan on most of his press releases Lorn doesn't muck about. Having been described as epic and melancholic I think the real descriptive that hits the spot is uncompromisinly brutal. This is end of the world bizzness and hip-hops equivilent to The Bug - sooo good and set to wreck ear drums world wide."

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  1. LORN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you seen videos of him playing live? his style is sooo forced it's not even funny

  2. i'll try anything to brighten my summer after you've made it considerably worse with your presence

    except this gay shit

  3. DARN1T says:

    Lorn kills you fucking haters! Go suck at life somewhere else ya fancy lil girls.

  4. lorn can suck on DEEZ NUTS, come at me when you have real steez darn1t

  5. treats says:

    niggeraguan & JelloPudding-kun have some decent musical taste, then have to bag all over someone elses posts because their shit doesn't fit into your little somewhat large range of music tastes? you sound like little hipster cunts.

  6. Lorn says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  7. " little somewhat large"

    come at me when you make more sense u dumAZZ

  8. Lorn says:

    niggeraguan, you're on last.fm trying to hit on internet females, watching videos with me in them and writing about my style(s). that's all.


  9. haha which one of yall haterz created that fake profile i bet its dat gay nigga treats, the video i refer to is a low end theory one with a bunch of people playing on it, as soon as i saw ur gay face i skipped to shlohmo's part because he's got real STEEZ & SWAG bitch!!

  10. jc says:

    "you're on last.fm trying to hit on internet females"


  11. jc if i were you i wouldnt comment on that, you're the one who's always writing back to girls... go back to listening to lady gaga

    ull never be Based

  12. niggeraguan: you ever been to low-end theory? i was at the party shlomo and lorn played at haha we may have run into eachother before.

  13. DARN1T says:

    Haha whatevs niggerfromguam! You are a whiny lil chat room shit talker and no one want to hear from you so shut the fuck up!

    Its all personal opinion & taste when it comes to beats and unfortunately you spit your whack jargon all over the place and I know Im not the only one that want you to bounce back to whatever 3rd world country you came from.

    Suck it easy lil toy.

  14. jc says:

    juancho status: TOLD.

  15. niggerfromguam lol thats a new one, bitch if lorn really was top game he would've already gotten a lot more exposure already after releasing an album on BRAINFEEDER but his hype has quickly worn off because he just simply sucks, i mean it's not bad but it's just not swag stuff like samiyam, teebs, etc. do a simple search on any of them and you'll see how underhyped he is compared to the rest. he simply doesn't cut it. but hey if you enjoy his shit go ahead

    carebear: no dude i just saw the video wish i could go to LET though

    jc: you listen to "witch house" LOL go back to sucking carles' nuts

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