Die Antwoord - 5 (2010)

die antwoord's first american release is this EP titled 5. tracks are .m4a since this came from itunes, mp3s will be available eventually i guess, i don't care enough to repost.


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  1. this shit is terrible

  2. blaaargh says:


    P.S. Really hope you don't change formats, I've discovered a lot of great new bands through you and your blog — it's hard to get a feeling for artists from just one or two tracks sometimes and having an entire album's worth of work to consider is a huge help.

    I know we don't suck your dick enough in the comments, but it's not from lack of love — we just get distracted by the new music and forget what we were doing.

  3. Moshi says:

    Please don't change the format, instead if you wish to keep this blog alive and healthy just keep kicking out the people that don't post for shit and bring on new guys.

  4. it's too late now to change the format and still remain somewhat relevant

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree, I wouldn't change a thing. By just posting a song or two from an album (especially any 'singles'), you could miss that one odd gem that someone really loves. That's happened on more than one album from this site for me, and I can't be alone.

    Just do what Moshi said, out with the old in with some new, don't throw away the horse if it's not broken just get a new saddle. Or something. I'm named after a Pokemon what do I know. DON'T CHANGE IT WE LOVE YOUR BLOG

  6. Kyle says:

    I'm also going to have to hop on the "don't change the format" bandwagon. I love this blog and it's one of the few left that I keep up with or check on a regular basis that hasn't be shut-down or made private. Please keep this as awesome as it has been.

  7. Sebastian says:

    The format is good! I agree with blaaargh

  8. jc says:

    fine then, i'm kicking people out tomorrow.

    @nic: cry more hipster hating baby

  9. jc says:

    and the full album format stays.

  10. suck my dick carles wannabe, don't bother posting more hip hop please leave that to me or sammy

  11. Kick those slackers to the curb and combine forces with @leaktweet to embark on world domination! Fuck singles, everybody does that shit... ALBUMS!!!

  12. lol WFLM will never reach leaktweet tier

  13. jc says:

    hahaha nic yr such an angry nicaraguan.

    you don't even post and i'm kicking you out so stop whining and CHILL.

  14. Aldrenean says:

    Dude please don't do that. I love the album as a format. I mean, you could, and I could just acquire the whole album through other means... but I'm lazy. :P

  15. haters gonna hate and you're too easily trolled

  16. Julia says:

    i love your web site. please do not change!

  17. what! don't change the format. keep it real...your blog is one of the best out there.

  18. what! don't change the stinkin' format! your blog is one of the best out there!

  19. Shit..i'll post stuff

  20. jc says:

    can you stop posting DON'T DO IT? read the fucking comments goddamnit.

  21. FYI: The blog isn't dying just for no reason, it's dying because most everyone is posting shit music. There I said it.

  22. DARN1T says:

    Glad you are not switching up the flavor! WFLM kills! Tracks only sucks... I want albums or nothing!

    PS dude is correct that these SoAfrica faux rappers are shitty as shit.

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