Fanstastic Mr. Fox - Sketches EP (2010)

There just isn't enough dubstep/grime here on wefuckinglovemusic.

My friend once told me that after a while, it all starts to sound the same and though I have to disagree, to those who aren't particularly fond of the genre, I can see how that could happen. When I am listening to a track or album I really don't care for (which is rare), at one point, usually about at the halfway mark, many of the tracks start sounding eerily similar.

There definitely is an overabundance of dubstep music out there in the blogosphere and even though it is still a relatively young genre, there seems to be a constant stream of new producers surfacing over there in the UK (sometimes in the USA too).

Well, this is Sketches EP by Fantastic Mr. Fox. The artist's name is clearly derived from the character/book (and now Wes Andersen film) of the same name and for no particular reason... It was the first name he saw when he was fishing for a myspace artist name one day. Yeah, pretty boring but he isn't known for his intellect or attempt at humor.

Listen to the music... it makes up for the (rubbish?) artist name.
(It's hotfile and not mediafire, I know, but it's all well worth it... trust me on this one.)

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  1. Moshi says:

    Once got 24h b& from /mu/ for posting a hotfile link.

    'sup with that?

  2. this is cool, i wish he didn't have such a dumb name

  3. i haven't had a single problem with your posts but please drop the trying too hard descriptions :/

  4. puxel says:

    not bad, but don't steal links. Upload it yourself, even if it's a repack.

  5. agreein w niggeraguan, i didnt wanna say anything cause you generally upload cool stuff but for real just throw some tags on that bitch and maybe compare it to a similar artist

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