Constrobuz - Bleep Blorp Remixes (2010)

Now who ever said hip-hop had no substance? Constrobuz is a good samaritan in disguise and I'll tell you why. Let me name off a few mainstream hip hop tracks and please, stop reading when you see one you recognize: Hustlin', Stoopid, Do The Ricky Bobby, Ay Bay Bay, Stanky Legg, Pop Bottles and Lean Wit It Rock Wit It.

You should have stopped reading after the second one. If you've never heard of these tracks (which I find hard to believe), I envy you... Anyway, the names are pretty ridiculous, contsrobuz means nothing and the lyrics are nonsensical. But you have to remember, constrobuz didn't write the lyrics, he just amplified the ridiculousness of these tracks by providing some of the dopest instrumentals this side of Raleigh. NC.

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  1. this is horrible, dont download it!

  2. puxel says:

    i know it's exciting to troll wflm but we really don't need 20 comments a day of shit. thankyou, sorry if i offended you.

  3. this is fucking gay, kill yourself

  4. just bar espoir jane and jellopudding-kun from the blog somehow, they just make it shitty...

  5. this is so fucking terrible

  6. aludin would rape ur ass for writing such a gay ass description for his beat tape

  7. I only listened to the instrumental version so I don't know about the vocals, but these beats are fucking sick

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