Sabrepulse - Chipbreak Wars (2006)

Sabrepulse is a UK based DJ who primarily centers his efforts on a genre coined 'chipbreak' - a fusion of chiptune & breakcore. Sounds range between house, dub, high energy nintendocore, and other 8bit variations. Lots of positive energy and catchy beep boops.

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  1. Telmo says:

    This I gotta listen...

  2. griebs says:

    those things to let one listen before download..great! i didn't have to download or watch a stupid video. I APPRECIATE THAT!

  3. puxel says:

    thanks. if any other bloggers want to do the same there's a tutorial on the forum.

  4. Moshi says:


  5. a lot of his songs sound like chiptune blink 182. seriously its like the fuckin fedex arrow

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