Clouds - Timekeeper (2008)

goodbye niggeraguan.

acting like you're 12 will get you kicked out. let this be a lesson yall.

get out the way this is some real broken up shit it's like they took this record and smashed it into little pieces then glued it back together, then the flipside is just Ras G being a baller as usual sticking the whole record back together with nothing but thick blunt smoke

oh raaassss

ps: how do i embed streaming songs?

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  1. You can upload songs to a divshare account and then paste the embed code...

  2. jc says:

    hey bro don't get mad! it's not your fault your jokes are stupid and unfunny, chill.

  3. puxel says:

    fuckin samples.

  4. lol jc king of spic comedy

  5. jc says:

    yo nic i'm kicking you out. later.

  6. did i hit a nerve with the baldness? my bad.. u cant touch my Anime Swag

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