The Widdler Tribute (2008-2010)


The Widdler is the most innovative dubstep producer that ever existed. Hes mixes are work’s of art and he keeps the garage vibe in all hes works.

That's probably not true, but The Widdler brings a type of 'bass therapy' to the table that's unheard until now. He does a great job of mixing psychedelic synths with ultra-low, almost droning wobbles and ambient clips. Some of his music is dangerously addicting. Enjoy.


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  1. griebs says:

    oh- i'm waiting for that thing! give me the wobby-auk-auk-auk!

  2. Lindsay says:

    yeah, this is okay
    I guess

    also puxel is a straight up faggot

  3. griebs says:

    not enough auk-auk-auk..

  4. puxel says:

    Sorry griebs, the wobbles aren't dirty. I've got some stuff for you later this week though.

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