Mission of Burma - The Horrible Truth About Burma (2008)

i always lump Mission of Burma in with Wire as the 2 greatest art punk bands that everyone's heard of and nobody listens to. this is a 2008 reissue of the 1984 disc chronicling their (first) final tour. besides early singles like "Peking Spring" and "Dumbbells," they run through Stooges and Pere Ubu covers as well as Burma classics like "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" and "Weatherbox," featuring original sound manipulator Martin Swope in his only live recording with the band. if it sounds like they're playing to 4 or 5 people, it's because they were. the good news is you can make up for the sins of previous generations by catching them on tour again this go-round. they still kick tremendous ass and are always willing to prove that they're the best band to ever come out of the great city of Boston, MA. yup.

we're on the edge of Burma

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  1. . says:

    2 greatest art punk bands that everyone's heard of and nobody listens to

    that's oddly specific

    anyway, I'll probably download this when I bother downloading anything again. cool band

  2. ill! says:

    i wanted to say "2 greatest art punk bands that hipsters name check but don't actually know their music", but then i spilled PBR all over my laptop

  3. Kurt says:

    As an avid wire fan since 154's "two people in a room" permanently distorted my worldview, I cannot believe that there are saddos who have still not heard them. Still listening to them 30 yrs later, got ideal copy on my headphones at the mo, drill drill drill. Anyway, mission of burma? who dey? Thanks for the intro.

  4. ill! says:

    wire is awesome. they still kick ass live and their most recent EPs/album are excellent

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