Nero Tribute (2006-2010)


Damn, I'm taking a break from posting wobbles for a few weeks.

When someone I know is interested in dubstep, I usually tell them to look up remixes of songs they like. Ease them into the water rather than push them off the diving board. You probably won't find Nero remixing your favorite songs, rather Nero's remixes will be your favorite songs. This tribute follows them through a lot of different stages. Their early music which was dirtier than a turd in the kiddy pool, as they progressed they developed a 'drumstep' sound with a faster dnb like tempo, and eventually found a perfect medium.

<--0:30 best. drop. ever.

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  1. This should have Innocence or Electron on it those songs rule

  2. puxel says:

    I didn't?

    I know they're on my computer. I'll reupload it because i totally agree.

  3. blaaargh says:

    "I'm in too deeeeeep" !! Thanks!!

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