Morrissey - Live at KROQ (1991)

only 'ep' ever released by solo morrissey. it's actually really just a single but at the end of the last track (also the best track, a different version of sing your life which is waaaay better than the normal) there's like 10 minutes of people calling in to kroq about how much they love morrissey etc, it's pretty interesting.

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  1. I grew up out west and there is a theory explaining Morrissey's success out there; and it basically comes down to the concept that most of the latino community can do their hair like him (or as it was). - spend some time googling "go ask a Mexican/Morrissey/Smiths, the might find the origins of this thought.

  2. yeah i heard a lot of mexis like morrissey, seems weird kinda, got anything to say about it jc

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