Food for Animals - Belly (2007)


I don't know much about hiphop, and I know a lot less about noise, but I know Food for Animals is most definitely different than most groups today. They mash noise, breakcore, dubstep, shitgaze, and techno together and spit over it. It's like Crystal Castles, with out the whore. It's also hard as fuck. Enjoy.


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  1. this album is hard as fuck, found it last year after listening to their first LP scavengers [which takes alot more of the noise aspect than the heavy as fuck aspect of this one]

  2. this album rules don't sully it by comparing them to crystal castles

  3. TLALOC says:

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU LOL. one of my favorite hiphop albums ever. totally different than anything i've ever heard.

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