Afuche - Carajo Is Worse Than Hell (2007)

sorry for the shity quality and partial tracklist, but until i get my hands on a copy of this amazing ep, this is all i have. really fun, interesting and fresh music by self described "progressive noise-funk" band afuche. this ep is a melting pot of styles similar in approach to sun city girls, lots of music to cite as "influences", various kinds of jazz, funk, progressive anything. give it a listen.

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  1. puxel says:


    this is weird and awesome, and I cant find it on what, or waffles.

  2. Really want more of this/better bitrate

  3. macron1 says:

    yeah this is good. thanks

  4. Afuche says:

    Hi, this is Ruben from Afuche. Thanks for posting this! It's actually a mix of our first EP and some of our Album. Send you me your e-mail and I'll give you a zip file of it. Also, we're making a new record this year. Stay Tuned!

  5. dantelop says:

    If you see this again ruben, here it is:

  6. Mongrel says:

    Dang it I want more of this if anyone has copies of say a completed or updated product

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