9 Planets - Complete Discography (2010)

9 Planets is an unsigned Canadian dude who specializes in analog-based lo-fi beat production. Nothing about his sound is clean and he isn't trying to create the next club banger. These are just essential beats. Think Samiyam but even less-polished. Yes, the Nintendo sounds are here; one of the beat tapes is even titled NINTENDO vs SEGA. Spacey, dirty and to the point. It's a pretty hefty download, 261 MB of music. Everything up until January 2010 about.

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  1. stephen says:

    Christ, is it that hard to tag mp3s? My OCD is being FUCKED UP by this untagged mess.

  2. Kathal says:

    ditto to stephen... i got a long night ahead of me

  3. Anonymous says:

    wtf is this untagged shit


  4. frank says:

    you can get a lot of it tagged on his bandcamp: 9planets.bandcamp.com

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