Dear M(r/s) Record Label Rep,

I don't really understand how some can skip over this, but I've had 3 people email me with requests this week, without knowing what this blog was for.

We Fucking Love Music is (last I checked) a blog about freely distributing music. That means, we have the album on a DDL, available for download for anyone and everyone who reads this weblog. We welcome record labels, and artists to send in their music, but barely any of them get posted.
I don't speak for my fellow writers when I say this, but I'm sure they'll agree with me.

I will not post your request because:
1. I may not come out and say it, but it sounds like shit. Sorry.
2. You want me to freely advertise, instead of post a link to it.
3. You ask me to review it, without offering a copy / deny approval of uploading.
4. You ask me to post your biased review.

I will post your request because:
1. I like the music / can see how other could like it.
2. You give me your approval to post it. Not like I need it anyway.

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  1. Kathal says:

    yes, that right there is what integrity is, i salute you

  2. griebs says:

    heh,heh,.. yes. very good..

  3. Digging your blog. Didn't know Black Mountain had a new one. Have a listen to my warblings if you've got the time and see if they makes the cut:

  4. TLALOC says:

    ahahahaha gif + generic tags

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