Genghis Tron - Board Up The House (2008)


Cloak of Love and Dead Mountain Mouth were awkward stepping stones for Genghis Tron. Trying to find themselves, somewhere between grindcore, IDM, and hiphop. Both albums were absurdly short, and seemed unfinished. Board Up the House focuses less on cut and paste chaos, and more on making good music. Even if you hate the Jacob Bannon-esque skramz, you'll find a danceable gem somewhere.

Please listen to all 3 samples before you decide against it. This album has more diversity than a bag of trail mix.

readers: thanks for the hate. its better than 0 comments.

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  1. i caught the board up the house remixes that anticon put out a little while back, i had no idea this is what they actually sounded like.

  2. Aldrenean says:

    I always liked Cloak of Love, or at least bits of it. This is quite good.

  3. Such a good album. The abrasive textures and out of kilter transitions make for a great album if you can re-listen a few times to get what they're doing. Kinda like the Locust.

  4. Tony Maim says:

    Great album. As always fantastic varied mix on this blog.

  5. cybergrind isn't really my cup of tea, but this is relatively enjoyable album

  6. Cole says:

    bless your heart thanks for posting this

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