I‌s‌i‌s - M‌o‌s‌q‌uito C‌ont‌rol EP (1998)

M‌‌os‌qu‌it‌o con‌tr‌ol is the first release from I‌si‌s. Like most other albums by I‌si‌s, this is largely a concept album. If you have any preconceived notions of I‌si‌s on the basis of their current material, toss them aside as this EP is entirely different from what they are doing now. M‌osq‌uito Co‌nt‌rol is a great example of what sludge should resemble- hypnotizing, caustic riffs working in harmony with an equally entrancing drum pattern and intrusively poignant vocals. Unfortunately, this EP is only 4 tracks long. I really would have preferred it to be a full length. The following release, R‌e‌d S‌e‌a, is continued with the same basic style, although different concepts. Anyway, this is a really good release and it should be in every sludge fan's collection.

L‌ife un‌der the sw‌att‌er! Never turn your back, never close your eyes!



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  1. hi,
    just want to have your feel about the eveden's ep "violent derby", because I like your style !

  2. puxel says:

    Hmm. Wavering Radiant and Panopticon were good. I'll give it a listen.

  3. Kill-A-DJ says:

    Nice. I just picked up Red Sea, and I'll have to track this one down too.

  4. chrlz says:

    Red Sea is just a collection of demos and a7' that came out before Mosquito Control. The Celestial record they put out is a better example of Isis when they still sounded like this. nothing they did will ever be as good as the Oceanic record.

  5. Mac says:

    still the best isis record

  6. Aleena says:

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