Xymox - Twist of Shadows (1989)

xymox's third album is my current obsession, every song on this album is worth a thousand listens. it's 80s new wave gone goth. you know you love the darker-sounding new wave songs so imagine how good this is.

take the shadows away
track 4


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  1. jc says:

    jesusfuck goddamn mediafire.

  2. nick says:

    youtube link's broken but fuck i'll download it anyway, too lazy to google and it sounds sweet

  3. Mace Hane says:

    Twist of Shadows feels strange for me; strange because although it's a great album, it should have been better. However, in the relatively brief period between leaving 4AD and releasing this on Polydor, they lost something; that something being Pieter Nooten, and consequently Twist of Shadows, although still excellent in places, should have been a genuine masterpiece.
    You want a glimpse of just how special it could have been? Get hold of the 4AD 12" containing the tracks:
    'Blind Hearts'
    'A Million Things'
    and you'll see.

    On Twist of...Blind Hearts & A Million Things are anaemic at best compared to the majestic, soaring, pulse-pounding versions on the 12", and Scum is just a beautiful and incredible experiment for them.
    They somehow took the magnificent, stately and other-wordly sound from 'Medusa', and managed to twist it into nigh-on perfect pop songs that defy belief. And even with their slip from the 12" to twist being the beginning of the end for the band, they just held onto enough to make Twist, in places, a wonderful thing.
    From their next album onwards(Phoenix -turgid, tired, leaden and utterly lacking in the spark & fleet-footedness of Twist('Wonderland' excepted))they lost the plot, becoming the awful thing they are now.

    So, yeah, twist is a great album, but believe me, it doesn't hold a candle to 'Medusa', the single greatest album that 4AD ever released for me, narrowly edging out Spleen and Ideal by Dead Can Dance.

  4. jc says:

    fixed youtube link

  5. Telmo says:

    This is actually pretty dang good. This kind of 80s sound reminds me of my childhood :')

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