A very fine remaster of this classic album, with some extra goodies for the die hard fans. The quality is fantastic compared to the original, re-mastered by Justin Broadrick himself



Missing Tracks

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  1. bitchin. haven't listened to godflesh in a while. think I'll grab this. thanks.

  2. KiDG says:

    Thanks for this! But tracks 2 (Christbait Rising) & 3 (Pulp) are missing from CD 1, & track 2 (Christbait Rising - Original Mix) is missing from CD 2.

    Any chance if you can upload these missing tracks? Cheers!

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  4. Kurt says:

    Aw man u are really bringing me back, saw these guys in the melkweg in amsterdam at the time of the original release, fucking awesome, blew my fucking head clean off. Cheers.

  5. ribs says:

    I'll re-up the songs shortly

  6. ribs says:

    Missing tracks added above.

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