Sally Paradise - L'Ascension du Mont Shing (2010)

So yesterday for the first time I checked my AIM mail account and there was a letter in my inbox. The letter contained this album. I listened to it. After a few listens and careful consideration, I am posting this album here. The type of music Sally Paradise makes is difficult to label. If I had to give it a name it would be sleepgaze. The sound is reminiscent of those first few minutes before you go into a dream state. I didn't intend to evoke exclusively connotations of hypnagogue, because the music is certainly not by any means boring. You also get a sort of warm feeling when listening to this album, like someone is presiding over you. It's hard to explain. There is definitely a tinge of warmth to this album. While not the most enthralling music, I find that L'Ascension du Mont Shing earns a cozy place in my listening schedule during those times where I'm beat and in need of auditory solace. Check them out. Further their cause. Their myspace is at

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  1. puxel says:

    most of the music that gets emailed i wouldn't bother posting here. I'm all for helping artists distribute music freely, but not if it's garbage. I'll check this out later today.

  2. i agree. I thought this one was pretty good though. I think they definitely have potential.

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