Wavves - King of the Beach (2010)

i like wavves now. let's wait for a best coast leak and we'll have our summer soundtrack.

snacks the cat

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  1. Moshi says:

    why would anyone like wavves?

  2. jc says:

    because haters gonna hate

  3. Anonymous says:

    love wavves and best coast. add ceremony and the warlocks and this summer has good music galore!

  4. can't wait 4 them 2 get married

  5. dantelop says:

    omg that cat is like so cool and he is smoking weed like me such a badass. nah the album is kewl

  6. jc says:

    @ D. shoegaze ceremony or hardcore punk ceremony?

    one of them is very relevant to my interests.

  7. Doug says:

    fuck wavves, seriously, literally fuck that shit

    also, does anyone have any icarus himself

    peace, etc. etc.

  8. jc says:

    king of the beach is the best rock album since nirvana's in utero.

  9. Anonymous says:

    file deleted? dat suxxxx

  10. that's an arrogant statement, seeing how much summer-y music is coming from that beach rock-movement, and especially seeing how Wavves outright suck. (Then again: I heard they changed their sound and all, and I won't even bother with this album, because the last 2 was so bad, I feel that I've given them enough opportunities).

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