Indian Jewelry - Totaled (2010)

houston badasses indian jewelry are back with a new album, far less noisy than previous releases but still pretty awesome, get it asap. they put on a great live show so go see them if you have a chance to (plus the girls are hot as eff). rock on.

excessive moonlight

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  1. jc says:

    it'd need to be witch house to be tagged witch house herp derp

  2. Anonymous says:

    Saw these guys open for Health a couple weeks back, shit blew me away. Check my blog out, it's better than this one [bahaha jk] and theres a solid review of the show. rock on nigs.

  3. Psych says:

    New Indian Jewelry - "Peel It" LP details + new track "Eva Cherie" stream & download right here:

  4. I really like this great job folks.
    Andrea Harrell

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