Fang Island - Fang Island (2010)

I originally downloaded this album with high hopes of hearing Nick Sadler's signature screechy, chaotic style, somehow formulated into a more assessable indie rock.
Thankfully, I was greeted with a sound entirely different. This album is made of pure positive energy and sunshine. As their myspace claims it sounds like "everyone high-fiving everyone", which is an accurate depiction. If this album doesn't make you smile, you need to talk to a therapist.
Reuploaded, and tested. Thanks Mike.

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  1. Telmo says:

    This album was an awesome surprise. When I read "instrumental" associated with an album description I assume I'm gonna be bored, but I'm glad I downloaded this for some reason anyway.

    Their concert in the kindergarten that's on youtube is pure awesomeness. All the audience is jumping and having fun not even looking at the band. :D

  2. migul says:

    ill try it, who doesnt need something to make you smile? thanks!

  3. Cammmmy says:

    Great band. That youtube video was heartwarming and made me incredibly jealous. I feel bad that when I was their age in the 90's, bands were too busy being tortured and deep to come play for my kindergarten class.

  4. teatotal says:

    These guys remind me of Dananananaykroyd without the vocals. I like this kind of horribly upbeat rock so much.

  5. Anonymous says:

    man i'm only on track 3 but this fucking rules. thanks

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