United Nations - Never Mind The Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures (2010)

Did you listen to the other United Nations I uploaded?

Here's a chance to redeem yourself. Honestly, I was more satisfied by this 4 track EP than I was their last album. Their previous was more of a melodic grindcore, where NMtBHYSF has hardcore punk à la Pg. 99. Anyway, enjoy.

edit: it's a 192kbps webrip. I'll upload a v0 whenever it gets released.

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  1. edges_ says:

    this is incredible. a sign of things to come! the drummer from converge just started up another band called Acid City and i think it's with the guitarist from United Nations too. Well worth checking out/uploading :)

  2. xG says:

    It's Acid Tiger! Acid Tiger rule.

  3. Darren Ho says:

    hey could you reupload this album along with the other United Nations album?

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