The Boyd Rice Experience - Hatesville (1995)

i normally don't like boyd rice (via. non being shitty, him being a fascist etc...) but i think this is a good album. it has adam parfrey guesting on a couple of tracks, 'if you know who that is'. also jim goad is on a track ("let's hear it for violence towards women") that is an very emotional experience, one which i would describe as 'harrowing'. the track called "i am man (sometimes i hate)" is also very good. so is the track "low blood sugar".

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  1. he's not really an active political fascist, he's just drawn to the iconography and aesthetic of fascism

  2. jim goad is a fucking piece of shit though

  3. he is a social darwinist though which, imho, is fairly similar/just as bad. re jim goad i thought he was joking about everything all the time until just now when i read he's actually been convicted of beating his girlfriend. seems bad.

  4. Daniel says:

    I Have the collaborations with him and DIJ. Ican dig it. Thanks.

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