Astrobrite - Pinkshinyultrablast (2005)

out of all the shoegaze bands who end up being generic mbv clones, astrobrite stands out with a sound of their own. not really defined by shoegaze, this album taps into dream-noise-pop and some drone elements, while hiding some intricate melodies amongst other things. really good, give it a listen.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I discovered my bloody valentine and shoegazeing bands about 2 years ago. I never thought I would find a shoegazeing band as good as mbv until I discovered astrobite thanks to this blog. This band rocks and really makes me swoon.

  2. Cole says:

    One of my favorite albums by a great artist. If people dig this they should definitely support Scott. I also highly recommend Fleeting Joys as a superb MBV-type band.

  3. puxel says:

    Tag this as shitgaze

  4. stEvil says:

    Sounds like an album performed on the vuvuzela. Not that that's a bad thing.

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