Vampire Weekend - Horchata (2009/10?)

'Lead song' frm Vampire Weekend's 'upcoming' album Contra. If you are 'relevant' you 'have this' already, if not you can 'get it' here and pretend you are 'hip'.

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  1. vampire weekend is just so fucking bad how did they get popular in the first place

  2. jc says:

    i tried listening to this the other day. i didn't want to be left out when people talks about current music.

    10 seconds in i closed the p4k window to force stop the lala player.

    i feel bad for them and fear 2010.

  3. smash81 says:

    Since when did having relevance revolve around listening to some shit bands new single?

  4. Since I started 'reading' HRO.

  5. TSoM1959 says:

    ironically typing like hro is still being hipster

  6. Anonymous says:

    love the song

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