No New York (1978)

I know it's old news (31 years old news), but I've been really digging No Wave again, so I thought this record merited a good V0 posting. I kind of wish he had managed to pick up some more bands, especially Theoretical Girls and pre-LP Suicide. Not that what did make it isn't amazing. Definitely check it out if you haven't heard it. If this doesn't make you want to shoot heroin and live in a phone booth, nothing will.


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  1. jc says:

    downloading, looks pretty interesting

  2. excellent stuff, I might end up posting the New York Noise compilations if this gets many hits

  3. Jah says:

    I've seen the term "V0" used a couple of times now, what does it mean?

  4. Yeah this album is really good I <3 Lydia. V0 is the 'highest quality' variable encoding, Jah.

  5. Chiflo says:

    hehe, que curioso, en mi blog acabo de poner ese mismo disco, haha

  6. jc says:

    english motherfucker do you speak it?

    also don't promote your blog here, no one cares.

  7. Tropolist says:

    0.01% of the population can tell V0 from the actual CD, and they are the kind of people who wear earplugs on the bus. Really, this is the prime way to hear distorted feedback.

  8. Chiflo says:

    Jc, I thought you are mexican, or your profile says that, anyway, I did not promote my blog, rather i indicated than we put the same disc at the same time (No New York),
    sorry by that, i never thought that you be so ghey

  9. Tropolist says:

    In any event I like your blog. Shame it's in Spanish or I might snatch some of that music.

  10. jc says:

    dude nevermind, talk in spanish. your english blows.

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