Chicks on Speed - Super Surfer Girl (2008)

this single was released by chicks on speed on december 2008. here's what they say on the CoS records website: "the Chicks created the song Super Surfer Girl, as an anthem for surf babes the world over, poking fun at feminist theory, and yet, empowering and encouraging young women to take their destiny into their own hands. Super Surfer Girl is WALL OF SOUND and the love of kitch combined into a celebration of beach and rough surf culture".

actually it's just a song to advertise a line of clothing they released late last year. funny how "art" works. the song is what would've happened if the beach boys were crazy artsy girls with synthesizers so it's interesting, check it out.

PS. i have a comp from CoS records called "girl monster", it's 3 CDs of bands similar to CoS, le tigre, lesbians on ecstasy, delta 5, etc. anyone interested in me uploading? since not that many people got the hacienda classics comp (which is one of the best things on the blog (not kidding) ) because it was 3 CDs i'm not sure if i should upload this one. leave a comment.

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  1. Puxel says:

    this is a comment.

    also, downloading.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Throw the other three up - more people need to hear those bands.

    LoE are escpecially cool.

    And the Hacienda classics comp was much appreciated.

  3. Tropolist says:

    This track is also on the album I upped a while back. The one I kind of trashed but get it if this appeals to you.

  4. Mauricio says:

    HI, Girl Monster compilation would be very very appreciated, thnx

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