Terakaft - Akh Issudar (2008)

Terakaft is a band from Africa who play a genre of music known as desert blues. The music is highly reflective of the African culture and accordingly is a departure from most things that you would normally listen to. Nonetheless this is a really good album and I'd recommend getting it. Also, pitchfork reviewed this album and it was a pretty good review so here's a part of it

"What separates this album from those made by Terakaft's colleagues is its uniquely ramshackle approach to what is essentially organic psychedelia. Acoustic guitars make a few appearances, and some songs, such as "Soubhanallah", have an open, free-flowing character that makes it feel like they simply blew up off the peak of a dune and became pieces of music. The all-acoustic closer offers a different sound, with more independence for each voice and a folky (in the Western sense) arrangement. This genre has reached a point of diversity where terms like "desert rock" and "desert blues" have become inadequate-- it needs its own name. Akh Issudar, however it's labeled, is another reminder that this corner of the world is producing some of the best and most rewarding music out there."

Download & Tell me what you're doing for Halloween

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  1. d says:

    thanks for all the releases you put up here. for halloween, i'm working, then once i get off, either going out as fidel castro or a nondescript fighter pilot in a flightsuit.

  2. Doubly thanks for all the stuff you put on here. I can't comment on them because of my crap connection (can't download anything right away because I have a low bandwidth cap), but I do appreciate your work.

    For Halloween, I'm doing absolutely nothing, except possibly eating candy that's supposed to go to the kids.

  3. ernest says:

    Downloading it now! Big thanks for everything you've done to my iTunes library. For halloween, I'm going off campus with a few of my buddies as the cast from scrubs, and getting or appletini on.

  4. Aldrenean says:

    I dressed up as a vampire and played beer pong.

    This album kicks ass btw.

  5. AZ says:

    this is very restful and nice!

  6. Pierre says:

    God I love this blog. Weird stuff, unusual artists, eclectic music...

    I discovered many new artists here, and revisited a lot of oldies. Keep feeding my brain with goodness, please.

    Acoustic african desert blues?
    Mmmmm... Tasty.

  7. jay1963 says:

    droney bluesy sweetness. thanx for being such mfing SHARERERERER.

  8. toofless says:

    ill be gumming snickers bars

  9. dugg says:

    brilliant collection of music, and i'm really enjoying the writing as well- which doesn't happen a lot.
    thanks for putting this together.

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  11. koven66 says:

    some seriously sick guitar work

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