Jesu - Opiate Sun (2009)

new jesu. and it's....well, ok. people who haven't listened to a lot of jesu will like this way more than those who've been listening to this faggot for years now. it's not bad, but it's nothing great either, while listening to it i kind of forgot about it a couple of times. but hey, maybe that's just me and you'll love it. one way to find out.

PS. i haven't been posting lately because seems like music is dead right now and i don't care enough to post old stuff i love, sorry. hope this changes soon tho.

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  1. Puxel says:

    downloading. love jesu.

  2. my man... normally I can't agree with you more on your commentary, but seriously? how could you speak ill of this? it reminds me of self-titled at times. this album is the fucking shit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    very nice! more of this type please

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