AIDS Wolf - Dustin' Off the Sphynx (2009)

new AIDS wolf. this shit's gonna make your ears bleed. and look at these guys.

do you think the girl let her pubes grow for that photoshoot or does she likes her vagina hairy?

link removed by request. buy it HERE

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  2. Anonymous says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice rack, horrible music.

  4. Moshi says:

    Nice rack, horrible music.

  5. Jarrod says:

    I'd AIDS her wolf if you pick up what I'm putting down

  6. Nice rack, horrible music.

  7. Mark says:

    Hey JC

    I have no doubt that your intentions are in the right spirit - but this does much more harm than good.
    Please remove the download link. We offer lots of free downloads (approved by the label and the bands) to folks here-

    You are welcome to link in to anything there anytime.


  8. jc says:

    you got it. sry.

  9. Tropolist says:

    Well I just deleted all my AIDS Wolf music. Even Lovvers, which was my favorite.

  10. TLALOC says:

    she has a nice rack.

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