Converge - Axe To Fall (2009)

Axe To Fall was self-produced by Kurt Ballou (Jane Doe, You Fail Me, Torche's Meanderthal). Packed full of guest musicians (Genghis Tron, The Red Chord, Cave In, Blacklisted).

Definitely not an album to be missed. Axe To Fall will be released on October 20th.

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  1. Alex says:

    I heard Dark Horse (I think), and it struck me as much more melodic than their previous work. Downloading.

  2. Jarrod says:

    I saw them yesterday and some dethklok fanboy asshole kept shouting shit at them. FUUUUUUU i wanted to kill all those nerd piece of shit dethklok fans.

  3. jc says:

    you should've done it

    MAN UP

  4. joehammed says:

    awesome...fucking awesome

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