Pele - Teaching the History of Teaching Geography (1998)

The debut of a great instrumental band, with upbeat, melodic goodness abound. This record is just fun, engaging, the keyboard action is smooth, and the drumming is very nod-inducing. Includes three remixes. Very recommended.

Vaguely similar sounds: Piglet , Rumah Sakit , toe , Volta do Mar

Ova here.

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  1. Aldrenean says:

    Sounds cool, downloading.

    BTW, I'm getting a phishing report for the blog due to content from, might want to check that out.

  2. jc says:

    im getting that too on google chrome. already checked and found nothing...

    don't know what the fuck is going on...

  3. Aldrenean says:

    Huh, it's not happening any more. Good job! :P

  4. Aldrenean says:


    Album's good though.

  5. jc says:

    found the problem, it was some image linked from on the flaming lips post.

    deleted it. malware notice should be gone now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff!

  7. Ryan says:

    Rapidshare is being a twat and not letting me download this because "Currently a lot of users are downloading files". No shit. I would have bought this from Polyvinyl already if it weren't out of print.

  8. Phitts says:

    That's unfortunate man, keep trying, but that's the beauty of the blog. You can always get it later while you make your way through our other posts.

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