Дельфин - Юность (2007)

back when the blog started i posted one of my favorite albums, Звезда by Дельфин aka Dolphin aka Del'fin, a russian broski. this past weekend i found out the dude released another album 3 years ago (superslowpoke). it's called Юность and i have no idea what that means or how to say it. the album is similar to Звезда, darkish, nostalgic electro rock. pretty sweet. i recommend you get both albums, this is really good. there was a 3 year gap between the two, hopefully he releases new music this year and i find out before 2013.

ps. told you i got a lot of music.

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  1. Aldrenean says:

    Track 3's fuxxored.

  2. Condes says:

    The translation is "Youth". And yes, he has released a new single, but it doesn't really compare favorably.

  3. stEvil says:

    Yeah, this is rad.

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