Bruce Willis - Classic Bruce Willis: The Universal Masters Collection (2001)

Normally I don't post Best Of's but I'll make the exception for this guy. Truly a master, this album deserves pride of place in any serious album collection. Although Bruce is best known for his impressive vocal talents, a little known fact is that he also has an acting career, and has appeared on films such as Blind Date, Look Who's Talking, and Look Who's Talking Too.

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  1. kinky says:

    This just made my day. Ah ah!

  2. Yeayoung says:

    Fucking sweet. Next on the list should be one of Jackie Chan' albums.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. It seems that Bruno hath returned.

  5. dude wrecks on the harmonica.

  6. haimerej says:

    i downloaded this because i wanted not only to have it but also add it to my blog. when i did however one song came accross as a corrupted file. i tracked down the song and pieced the album back together. i posted the full version here if yuo want to grab my link so you can have the complete album as well please feel free. great blog by the way.

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