Kavinsky - Nightcall (2010)

Latest EP from Kavinsky, lower BPM than what he's done before but still focused on cars for some reason. Two new tracks and 3 remixes, worth checking out if you're a fan of french electro like Danger, Justice, Daft Punk, etc.

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  1. stEvil says:

    Awesome, been hanging for this.

  2. ttyy says:

    I think Kavinsky's carlove is refreshing, and NightCall might be his best yet...though the sample from the Garden State Police's Ghost Car video is a pretty amazing inclusion :D

  3. ej says:

    .... man, the titletrack isn't even in the upload -- is that on purpose?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tags look ok on my end bro.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and the title track is in there, 3 times in fact.

  6. I am loving the album. Got all of his other work, great stuff.

  7. great remix of Kavinsky Nightcall right here..i love this one


  8. Anonymous says:

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