Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (2010)

fukk da DMCA


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  1. jc says:

    i saw marnie stern live then the big pink then deerhunter. marnie was drunk as fuck when deerhunter was playing and she got up on stage and danced super slutty and tried to kiss the bass player.

    i met the raveonettes at the bar too.

  2. OLE says:

    this album is F (UCKIN) ANTASTIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!1111!11!

  3. puxel says:

    well, the first half is definitely sweet. I found myself starting over after Vietnam a lot.

  4. love the alice glass tags.

  5. ssshplankksss for this ! fOreal
    ill listen to it when im driving 87 on the 101 tmrw

  6. When I put the album into my winamp player the name of the artist of "Crystal Ca" and I check in the properties of the songs the name of the band is well written "Crystal Castles". Even if I refresh my files its the same, it is just me ?

    Apart from that, thank you very much!!!

  7. Yo JC I thought you were better than this man.
    I half expected someone as well-cultured as yourself to boycott these talentless motherfuckers in favour of the real artists they bite.
    Whatever, I don't want to be all srsbsns, I love the shit out of you, just thought you were above these clowns was all.

  8. ribs says:

    the tags are hilarious!
    I still don't get why everyone is so crazy about them, they're fairly talentless

  9. to get 'mad hits' on the blog

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