Ace of Base - The Sign (1993)

yooo! last week a secret place for cool people had a FRIGGIN'HUGEFREELEECH and i got a lot of nice music i'll be posting for the next couple days/weeks. i got some new stuff and some old stuff in v0 (eff yes), so get ready for some serious musics after these past days of NO ONE POSTING.

this is ace of base's US/canada/japan/mexico version of their debut album happy nation, called the sign. if you are old enough to remember this you know they were the shit back then, and this album still is. sweet reggae-influenced dance pop from 1990s gothenburg, sweden. get ready for some nostalgia bros, and if you're not old enough to get nostalgic listening to this well, i hope you like it.

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  1. Mainstream music? n MY hipster garbage sources? Ffffffffff~

  2. Sandra says:

    Man, Ace of Base... I wondered how long I would have to wait before somebody opened the crypt and revived those cheeseballs. It was and remains truly wretched.

    Good blog though. For the most part...

  3. Ace Of Base fuckin rule, this album is a classic, anyone who says otherwise has hearing problems HA!:)

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